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Benches, More than meets the eye

Since I started this little business, I have made several benches. Right now I have three main styles. They are smaller bench, a standard bench, and beefy bench.


Smaller Bench

The size of the bench is 32" long x 18" high x 16.5" deep. We have several with various color options. Here is just few of those benches that customers have ordered:

Here is video of the standard small benches dimensions:

Some of the uses for the these benches are entry areas, mudrooms, bedrooms, and bath rooms. They can be used anywhere your imagination will take you.


Entry Bench

The standard size for this bench is: 48" long x 19" high x 14" deep. This bench has been the most popular. There has been several variations.

Other decreasing or increasing the length, height and depth, some options have been to add second shelf for more shoes. When the length of the bench is longer that 5 - 6 feet a second leg is required. As you can see some of the benches can be used for many things include a plant stand. The sky's the limit.

Another huge variation has been adding a coat rack to the back of the bench. The make the bench and coat rack a two piece furniture. Typical height has been 72" to 84"


Beefy Bench

This bench is similar to the previous bench just a little more heavy duty. The standard size of the bench is 48" long x 19" high x 12" deep.

If your interested in one of the fine beauties or just a custom size let me know, you can message me at or email me at

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