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Weekly Wrap-up 2021 week 10

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Business has been slow this week but work has been steady. I spent my week working on projects that have no immediate pressure to get complete.

Some of those projects are:

  • Coffee Mug Racks

  • Knitting Table

  • Stained Toy Boxes

  • Podium

  • Bunk Bed Ladder

  • Laser projects

    • Updated the base plate & grid

    • Cutting Coasters

  • Painted Tiles

I started out the week batch building some coffee mug racks. At the end of the week three of these coffee mug racks were donated to a good cause that helps getting support dogs for veterans, and front line workers that suffer from PTSD. They are hosting an event this summer to raise funds for their cause. I would strongly recommend checking out event.

Shop pictures


Some of the projects that I am looking forward to working on over the next week will be:

  • Toybox lids

  • Completing a coat rack

  • Updating paint samples

  • Kitchen Island

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