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Weekly wrap-up 2021 week 12

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Here is list of the few customer projects that I worked on the last week:

  • Finishing a few small benches

  • Writing Desk with drawer

  • Kitchen Island

I also updated my color samples. I mounted them to backboard rather than them floating around.

Also here is list of few design videos that I created over the last week:

  • Coat Shelf

  • Storage Box

  • Storage Shelves with color options

  • Axe Throwing Target

  • Compact Axe Throwing Target with Stand

  • bench v3 84" L x 20" D

  • bench v3 72" L x 20" D

If any of the above designs or projects interest you, feel free to reach out and message me on facebook or email me

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