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Weekly wrap-up 2021 week 14

The weather is was average as I would expect here in Minnesota. At least last week was great to be outside. Then the rest of the week brought rain showers. This still did not stop me from working the garage / shop.

Here are a few project that was able to work on over the last week.

  • Final finishing touches on the Kitchen Cabinet (Island)

  • Bench in Early American

  • 2x Small Bench - Golden Pecan

I also build my first piece of outdoor furniture for the season.

I have also drawn up plans for a few other styles.

  • Single Seat version of the above dual seat bench

  • End table of the same style

I have plans for two other styles that I downloaded from

Also that last week someone asked me if I have designs for coffee tables and end tables for the living room. So I dug up a few of these old design videos.


This next week bring to working a few new projects. My son wanted a L-shaped desk similar to the one that I made for a customer a while back. The main differences are size this one is 60" L x 48" L x 24 1/2" deep, 30" high. And three drawers.

Another project is the Storage box with backrest.

and the shelf with coat hooks

There is always room for more projects. Of course I say this sparingly room is relevant. Time and space is limited.

If any of the above designs or projects interest you, feel free to reach out and message me on facebook or email me

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