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Winter update 2022

You might have noticed I'm created a different style of posts. In these posts I am trying to give a history of the projects created and some the pictures taken and shared with customers. I want to treat these posts like living posts. As new projects get completed these posts will get updated. Some time this winter I will transitioning into my 4xx series of projects.

The weather

It cold outside. If you are not aware I live in Minnesota and this last week we got a streak of cold weather. It was below zero for most of the week. And now it looks like we will get a break from this cold streak. I am not try to complain about the cold. I was born in Minnesota I should be used to it right. Well I work out a uninsulated garage, that is heated with bullet heater. This has some negative side effects. When is gets really cold it's hard to get the temperature above 50 degrees. Which is hard to finish some of the projects. The other issue is I have the snow melting off the roof forming ice in front of my garage. I have plans to insulate the garage ceiling and I'm sure this will help solve some of those problems.

Looking Back

As I have looked back over the last year or so of projects I have created. Some of my popular projects have been sofa tables. And some not so which have not hit off are décor items such as pumpkins and custom signs. Since the beginning of the year I have been taking advanced orders for my projects. Typically I have been booking 4 weeks out. It has been a roller coaster though. It sometimes seem like there is a flurry of orders all a once. And then there are some weeks with no requests or design modifications.

I have four main marketing fronts. I have Facebook marketplace, the Face book page, Craigslist, and Etsy. I can see a more of balance between Facebook, and Craigslist. Etsy seems to be hit or miss for me right. My main problem is I work bigger furniture which does not fit the Esty concept.


In the fall of 2021 I got a new tool and I was hoping would have taken off. My CNC. It has been a great experience learning how to use the CNC. For right now it has aided me in cutting special parts with greater precision. I does take dedicated time to monitor what while it works. I typical kick off a project while I am busy sanding. Some of these CNC projects have been so short they take my full attention.

YouTube designs

As I come up with new designs or modification to existing designs, I create new SketchUp drawing and export a video to share with customers. Below is a lot of these video designs.

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